Just like most parts of our body require special treatment, so also does the eyes. You need to give your eyes the pampering they need so they can serve you well even in old age. Commonly, what constitutes the care of the eyes are proper diet, non-exposure to bright light, and clinical examinations. We often forget… (0 comment)

Looking at our tender cuties, we can’t help but love and admire them all the time. Because of this love for them, we worry about every little odd thing we notice in them. One of such odd things that most young parents and concerned aunts/uncles aren’t comfortable with is bags under the baby’s eyes. So,… (0 comment)

What Is the Best Makeup for Under Eye Circles
The eye area is a very delicate area and can show signs of wrinkling, dark shadows, dehydration, puffiness, and aging easily. Under-eye circles can result from various reasons. These range from lack of a good night’s rest – being eight hours of sleep – or from certain practices that contribute to loosening of the skin… (0 comment)

How to Remove Dark Circles under Eyes for Men
Skincare is for everyone!  Everyone should have a skincare routine that helps keep them glowing and youthful. Dark circles around or under eyes are huge cosmetic concerns and can have you looking dull and a few years older than you actually are, whether you are a woman or a man. But here, we discuss how… (0 comment)