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How to Quickly Remove Bags from Under Eyes

How to Quickly Remove Bags from Under Eyes
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Undereye bags can make you look tired even when you are not tired. If you are prone to having them, then how to quickly remove bags from under eyes will be a priority for you.

how to quickly remove bags from under eyes
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It is important to know that there are various causes that lead to bags appearing under the eyes. Some of them are health-related while some others occur naturally.

Some simple procedures can be used to get rid of the bags or even prevent them from appearing at all.

In this article, we will take a look at some of those simple steps you can use for eye bags. But first, let us ascertain what could cause undereye bags.

What Causes Bags Underneath your Eyes

Eye bags are the accumulation of fluids in the lower region of the eye. The fat of the eye holds the weight of the liquid that moves there over an extended period and it gradually settles at the lower eyelid and sometimes the upper eyelid.

This swelling makes the eye area weary and the overbearing weight from this fluid makes it develop sagging skin.

Eye Irritation and Allergies

Disease and eye defects can also be a cause of bags. There are various diseases that could lead to one having puffy eyes. One of such diseases is known as a thyroid disorder.

It may come with discomfort from swelling tissue. When you have consistently had these bags, it may be a sign of this disease.

Of course, there are several other symptoms that are pointers that you have this disease. Puffy eyes are not necessarily a major pointer to the disease.

Using any of the simple methods we will list later may work for bags that come as a result of thyroid disorder. However, you may want to have the disease treated properly.

Intake of Salty Food and Excess Body Fluid

Another cause of bags under the eyes is eating foods that have a lot of salt. Before bedtime, as much as possible, reduce the intake of salty food as it can be a cause of eye puffiness.

Since salt does not go so well with the skin, it is best to take just a little of it per time.

Having much fluid in the body before bedtime could also make some excess fluid position in the eye region.

After crying for a long time, the muscles around the eyes fold and the stored eye liquid that passes through the eye leaves remnants of the tears that store in the lower region of the eyes as bags, making the eyes and the face swollen.

Stress and Inadequate Sleep

Under-eye bags can also be a sign that the skin gives to us when we have stressed it. The need to observe resting time cannot be overemphasized. Allowing yourself to feel every bit of the moment can be worth the time to make the blood flow properly into the tissues of the body.

To continue at a fast pace without observing these breaks can be hazardous to health. Aside from the effect of having bags, not having adequate sleep may eventually lead to burnouts and break down of the body.

Old Age

A major cause of the appearance of bags underneath the eyes is old age. Old age comes with several traces; for some people, skin wrinkles and body shrinking begin to appear. Protruding veins, puffy eyes or even hair loss are also some of the visible effects of aging.

Bags make you look older than you actually are. When younger people have these bags, they are easily mistaken to be older than their age and it can be embarrassing.

Hard Drugs

Smoking and tobacco intake may be another cause that brings about bags. The eyes are the most delicate organs of the body and so, they easily show reactions that other parts of the body may not give.

These irritants could lead to eye redness and other defects that make eye bags develop.

When smoke goes into the body, it affects the blood vessels and consistent smoking may not allow free flow and circulation.

The eyes store some of these harmful toxins from smoke and drugs as fat, which cause sagging skin to develop.


There is a possibility you will have undereye bags if either one or both parents have them. They grow thicker and bulkier overtime if they are not dealt with. Children can have this also.

Some methods can come in handy in relieving the deficiency of the skin around your eyes, although it might be different based on the stages and bag type.

There are three levels of eye bags. The first level is not obvious to the physical eyes. It can be noticed at angles when the person is viewed from the side of the face. Unless with close observation, it may not be visible.

The second level is more obvious. It is even more obvious when there are dark circles to the side of the eye. This level is the most common bag type that affects people.

The third stage is the most protruding bag type. This one comfortably forms an arch under the eyelids when it has accumulated over time. The mass of sagging skin fat stored in that region can leave you feeling very self-conscious. 

You do not have to let them become so burdensome before you meet a doctor to help solve this problem. Before it gets so big, make sure you are intentional about having your eyes free from these bags.

Various facial coverings and makeup can be used to mask bags from being too obvious.

How to Quickly Remove Bags from Under the Eyes

If the undereye bags you have is not the serious type, trying one or more of the remedies listed below could work wonders for you…

A healthy lifestyle is one of the ways to get rid of bags under the eyes, or at least reduce the bags.

Consuming vitamin-filled diets restores skin properties. Having a regular intake of foods containing vegetables and fruits can flush out harmful toxins that may store in the body. Fruits have natural properties that can be so perfect for skin healing.

Exercises are good for a healthy body and beautiful eyes.

Natural Remedies 

These simple natural remedies may be the right solution to rid your eyes of bags and dark circles.

Hand Therapy

A soft massaging of the undereye region could reduce the puffiness in the area. That is part of the exercise we talked about earlier.

Rubbing the eyes in a circular motion, using both thumbs to press for some minutes, does wonders.

You should apply only a little pressure per time. The essence of this is to have blood circulate freely to that region and make the skin normalize afterwards. 


Cucumbers are one of nature’s natural cure for treating the layer of the skin around the eyes. It is a very good skin treatment not just for the eyes but for the whole body.

They contain caffeine and ascorbic acid that help to reduce the water retention capacity of the eyes. The anti-inflammatory property can have a soothing effect to improve blood flow to the eye region.

Cucumber is a good choice when considering natural remedies to help relieve puffiness around your eyes. Plus, it could help smoothen the skin.

The liquid content of this fruit absorbs into the skin layer and relaxes the skin. It also fights against impurities of the eyes and restores the natural lipids.

If you are going to use this method to relieve the eyes, cut out two cucumber slices after the cucumber has been chilled in a refrigerator. Place them on your eyes while they are closed.

The posture to take when doing this would be to lay down, face up. It will not only relieve puffiness, but it may also relieve tiredness.

Tea Bags

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Teabags work the magic that you need for your eyes. Green tea contains caffeine and caffeine is great for treating eye effects.

Asides being a solution for bags, teabags can also clear some eye diseases. It has been said that they also can relieve pink eyes. They give soothing relief and reduce itching in the eyes. 

If you are doubtful of the teabags to use, it is preferable to use those with organic properties. These types will have fewer chemical or no chemical; you can be sure that is safe for the eyes.

To use this method, dip two tea bags in warm water and place them in a refrigerator before you use them. When they are cool, place them on top of your eyes. Make sure your eyes are closed; you will only be needing the effect of the teabags on the outer layer of the eyes.  


Don’t be surprised to have this as one of the recommendations to get rid of those bags. The cool soothing feel from small cubes of ice is an excellent eye massager.

When they are used, they help make the tissues respond to stimuli and make the blood circulate towards the region of the eyes.

To use this method, gently move the ice cube around your eye area and all over the face, from the left side to the right side. When you do this, it gradually reduces the puffiness and gives a lift to the skin on the face. 

Sliced Potatoes 

This is one of the cold compresses that work so well to give relief. Have a potato peeled and cut it into small sizes. Place a piece on each eye and allow the coolness to sink into the skin.

Replace the used potato with another slice after it has stayed for a short while. You could leave it for ten minutes before changing. This process helps to soak out the bad liquid from the eye. 


Drinking lots of water is a super healthy choice any day, any time. Water has a way of detoxifying the body of toxic elements and unnoticeable complications. 

Let this become a habit for you. It may help to reduce the congestion of water that is toxic to the eyes. Water can be curative for most diseases and that is why the World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended the proper intake of this fluid.

As much as possible, whenever you go out, have a bottle of water handy so that you always stay hydrated. Body mass and muscles function when you drink adequate amounts of water. It makes so much sense to utilize one of nature’s best health secrets. 

Other remedies that could work for undereye bags include:

Creams and Cosmetic Products

There are eye creams that are really good and skin-friendly.

They absorb moisture from the eye and leave the area smooth all day.

To have them more effective, apply the cream before sleeping so that it can take care of excess fluid in the eyes while you are not performing many activities. Such creams can be found in beauty shops and online stores. 

When buying such products, search for creams that have caffeine. This is because caffeine can help brighten the skin.

Eye Surgery

Some of these natural methods may not work so well to remove bags. More complex bags would require medical attention to get them removed.

Surgery should be the last option to use when it comes to bags. Before you nurse the thought of having surgery, it is good to know some side effects that you may experience to be sure you want to go ahead with it. 

An alternative to surgery is to have dermal fillers and laser skin resurfacing. Bags that occur due to genetics cannot be removed through these methods. They can only help give a smooth texture. 

For a permanent solution, blepharoplasty would give the eyes wholeness and prevent all symptoms from recurring.

It takes a period of two to three weeks for the eyes to heal after surgery so you should be sure that you are ready for it. You could get advice from your doctor about such a decision so that you are guided properly.

Video: Blepharoplasty – Before and After

Is this procedure worth all the hype? If you are considering this option, then you may want to find out more about it in this video…

How to Quickly Remove Bags from Under Eyes – Conclusion

To get the eyes free of bags, it takes some patience and consistency. If you have started any of these methods and you don’t see a difference, try other methods until you find the best for you. But remember, you can stop getting bags entirely if you are able to trace the reason they happen in the first place.

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