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What Is the Best Makeup for Under Eye Circles

What Is the Best Makeup for Under Eye Circles
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The eye area is a very delicate area and can show signs of wrinkling, dark shadows, dehydration, puffiness, and aging easily. Under-eye circles can result from various reasons.

These range from lack of a good night’s rest – being eight hours of sleep – or from certain practices that contribute to loosening of the skin around the under-eye area.

If you suffer from constantly having under-eye circles, from not getting at least eight hours of sleep to whatever reason, chances are that you have tried loads of ways to make it go away. From the do-it-yourself methods to seeing a dermatologist and everything else. You may think you have a long way to go but while you seek a long term solution, we have a quick solution that will interest you.

Furthermore, this does not also involve going to the makeup artist. Eye makeup goes a long way to cover lines and wrinkles. It is an instant bye under-eye circles once you keep to the right shade range and apply your eye makeup.

What is Eye Makeup?

Eye makeup consists of cosmetic products for enhancing the appearance of the eyes. They also cover-up wrinkles, dark spots, and other blemishes. Examples include concealer, eye-shadow, primer, and eyeliner.

What Are the Types of Eye Makeup Products?

Here’s a list of the types of eye makeup products available:

1. Eye primer

2. Concealer

3. Eyeliner

4. Face powder

5. Eye corrector

6. Eye shadow

7. Foundation. This could be matte or liquid

8. Contour powder

9. Bronzer

10. Eyebrow pencils

The good part is that you can always use a concealer to conceal your under-eye dark circles while you work on a more permanent solution. However, concealers may not give you that perfect look.

Can Concealer Make Under-eye Circles Worse?

Concealer can make under-eye circles worse if it is not properly applied. If it is not moisturizing enough, if it dries out, or doesn’t match with your skin tone, it can make the under-eye circles look more pronounced. Therefore, it is important to use the right shade of concealer for your skin tone and apply it flawlessly.

What’s more? It takes just a minute or two to incorporate makeup for your under-eye area into your daily routine!

Some under-eye concealers also double up as anti-aging creams so you’re getting double benefits.

Some eye makeups are also water-proof. This simply means that you get to swim without the fear of your under-eye makeup being washed off!

How to Apply Under Eye Makeup

To apply under-eye makeup, do these:

First, start out by applying primer all over your face or you can focus on your under-eye area.

Use a finger to pick up your primer for application. The heat of your finger and your face will help to melt the primer.

Next, proceed to apply your concealer after your primer sits for a while

Then, leave your under-eye concealer for a few seconds after application, before blending it out.

Afterward, spray on some setting spray if you wish.

It’s as easy as that!. You’ve probably seen makeup artists apply under eye concealers and eye makeup in general. You may even worry about applying it yourself to those problem areas, but not to worry, it’s a simple process.

What Is the Best Makeup for Under Eye Circles
Photo Credit: Emma Bauso, pexels.com

You don’t want to also sweep or pull the skin when applying the primer as this is part of makeup that causes wrinkles in the first place. Therefore, allow each makeup to sit for a while and be absorbed because you don’t want your products to mix with each other.

You may use a concealer brush for application.

Choose Your Shade of Concealer

On choosing from a shade range, a makeup artist will advise using concealers about two shades lighter than your skin color for under eye application.  This can give that brightening effect.

The shade of your concealer can also be chosen according to how much you want to brighten the area under your eyes. It may be worthy of note that full coverage concealers do a better job of hiding those problem areas. Also, they can be made at home if you are a DIYer.

How Do You Make Homemade Concealer?

You can make homemade concealer by mixing moisturizer and face powder. To make a homemade concealer, do these:

1. Get a little clean container and small stirring stick. You can use the handle of your concealer brush

2. Put a small amount of moisturizer in the container

3. Stir in the powder with the small stick bit by bit until you get the right consistency

4. Keep stirring for 2 minutes. This will give a smooth texture

5. Test it. You can apply it to the back of your hand to check if it blends well with your skin tone.

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What Is a Good Under Eye Concealer

So what is a good under eye concealer?

A good under-eye concealer is a concealer that suits a wide range of skin types and has a range of shade options. Also, it is easy to apply, conceals fine lines, does not leave a caked look, and lasts you for the majority of your day.

Skin Tones and Under-eye Concealers

How Do You Know the Right Concealer Color for Your Skin Tone?

You can know the right concealer color for your skin tone by following these rules:

If you have eye circles in shade of blue, use a yellow-tinged concealer

If you have eye circles in shade of brown, use a peach to orange colored concealer

If you have eye circles in shade of black, use an orange to red concealer.

The color of your concealer is an important factor so you should pay attention to the available shade range. Skin tones matter in the application of concealers.

Considering skin type, people who have oily skin should also opt for lightweight products when going for a cream formula. This is to avoid layering so much product on your skin and blocking your pores.

Color correctors can also be used after your primer and before you put on your concealer.

What is a Color Corrector?

A color corrector is a type of concealer that uses complimentary colors like red, green, orange, and brown to fadeout discolorations on the skin. Also, it can be used to coverup redness and dullness of the eyes.

What you need to do is apply it to all areas under your eyes where you have discoloration. You don’t want to have so many products on your face. Then, blend it in with a beauty blender.

Pick the Right Concealer Type for You

What Are the Types Of Concealer?

Here’s a list of the types of concealer available:

1. Cream concealer

2. Balm concealer

3. Stick concealer

4. Pencil concealer

5. Blemish concealer

6. Liquid concealer

7. Color correcting concealer

So, pick a full coverage concealer if you have marked dark circles as you’ll be needing a lot of coverage. Stick concealers may be able to move around more easily compared to a creamy concealer. Choose a stick concealer if it works better for you.

Furthermore, apply a little more if you think you need more coverage. Do this especially if you have some puffiness around your under-eye area. If a creamy concealer is your preference, especially if you have dry skin, it’ll definitely still do the job.

Definitely do not go over the top but apply just as needed. Pat in with your ring finger.

How to Cover Under Eye Dark Circles on Mature Skin

What Is Mature Skin?

Mature skin refers to the skin of people about the age of 45 and above. This type of skin is characterized by wrinkles, fragility, unevenness, and pronounced stretched lines. As a result of aging, the skin has lost its elasticity and firmness.

How Do You Get Rid of Bags Under Your Eyes
Photo Credit: Shaun Finn, Pixabay.com

It is widely known that under-eye circles and loosening of the skin around the under-eye area come with aging. It doesn’t, however, mean that the seniors should be left out of the business of looking good. Under-eye circles on mature skin can be concealed to give that youthful look.

How to Apply Eye Makeup on Mature Skin

You can apply eye makeup on mature skin by following these steps:

First, apply two bases of face moisturizer with your hands to the face

Next, apply the under-eye corrector to the eyebags and massage it gently into the eye bags. This can be done in circular motions in and around the eye bags

Using a brush, rub an eye shadow primer on the eye bags 

Afterward, blend in your matte foundation, beauty benefits (BB) cream, and powder.

Sticking to the rules of color, you can start off using a primer to the skin. This is because it is important to keep the skin moisturized with a moisturizer, and prevent that caked look. This also helps your concealer to go over your skin smoothly. Some moisturizers also have illuminators to give that extra glow to the skin.

You can choose to apply the foundation to the eye area or leave off the area and use concealer alone.

Here are some other detailed articles you may find useful:

Video: How to Cover Under Eyes

Watch this video to see how to cover your under-eye circles.

Stick concealers may also be less likely to get stuck in wrinkles for those who have that. Pick your shade of setting powder and apply it on top of the concealer to help achieve the matte finish. Pack your setting powder on and make sure not to wipe so you don’t smudge the product. You can choose to ‘bake’ by letting the product sit for a while then carefully dust off any excesses.

Best Makeup for Under Eye Circles

The best makeup product for under-eye circles will be one with all the features listed above and suited specifically for your skin and shade.

Keeping your skin tone, age, and skin texture and sensitivity in mind, we are happy to help you pick the best makeup products for your under-eye circles.

Whether you have oily, sensitive, or dry skin, there’s a product for you. If you would love to get swimming, there’s waterproof eye makeup for you too. Get started with any of the above products for that radiant, youthful look.

What Is the Best Makeup for Under Eye Circles- Related FAQs 

How Do I Stop My Under-Eye Concealer from Looking Cakey?

You can stop your under-eye concealer from looking cakey by using an eyeshadow primer. You can apply it by following these steps:

Step 1: Clean under your eyes with a facial cleanser and a wad of cotton wool.

Step 2: Apply foundation. Make sure you do not over-lay the foundation.  

Step 3: Apply an archable eyeshadow eye primer under the eyes with a concealer brush. This type of primer is different from the face primer. 

Step 3: Blend in the concealer gently along the eyelid lines and eye bags.

Step 4: Afterward, apply powder and other beauty products. 

Is It Safe to Use Coconut Oil for Under-Eye Circles?

It is safe to use coconut oil for under-eye circles. This is because it contains anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidizing, and moisturizing properties that can help the skin fight dark circles under the eyes. Also, it can tighten and lighten loose skin beneath the eyes.

To use it, first, clean your face with warm water and a towel. Make sure there is no makeup. Second, put a few drops of pure coconut oil into your palm. Massage the oil into the dark circles carefully. Finally, leave it for about an hour for proper absorption. 

However, prolonged use of coconut oil for dark circles beneath the eyes can cause the outbreak of acne for people with oily skin.

Can You Use Foundation as An Under-Eye Concealer?

You can use foundation as an under-eye concealer if it has a lighter shade than your skin. This is because under-eye concealers are usually slightly lighter than foundation shades. Therefore, a light shade of foundation can work as a concealer for beneath the eyes.

Furthermore, no rule forbids using a foundation to conceal dark circles. What is important is making sure the dark circles remain less visible.  

Therefore, foundations, whether matte or luminous, can serve as an under-eye concealer if applied correctly.

Is Facial Moisturizer Necessary?

A facial moisturizer is necessary. It helps the face to maintain its moisture and balance. With a suitable moisturizer, the face does not become too oily or too dry. Also, it reduces the appearances of blemishes, eczema, and inflammation.

Additionally, it prevents the face from being dry. This is because it contains natural oils that keep the face soft and tender. Applying a pea-sized face moisturizer daily can prevent wrinkles, dark circles, and aging spots. 

There are various reliable and effective facial moisturizers readily available online and in retail stores.

How Do You Cover Up Deep Wrinkles Under the Eyes with Makeup?

You can cover up deep under the eyes with makeup by following these steps:

  1. Clean the face with a facial cleanser
  2. Apply facial moisturizer
  3. Rub retinoid
  4. Apply anti-aging cream to the wrinkles lightly
  5. Apply an eyeshadow primer to the eye circles
  6. Add a moisture-rich matte foundation
  7. Conceal the wrinkles with concealer
  8. Apply powder

Covering deep wrinkles under the eyes with makeup is not difficult at all. There are various organic and inorganic beauty products that can give your face a smooth, young, and flawless look.

Is Color Corrector and Concealer the Same?

Color corrector and concealer are not the same. A color corrector is used to cancel out or fadeout discolorations on the skin. It is usually four shades lighter than your skin. Also, it comes in shades of orange, purple, yellow, blue, and red. It does not cover up blemishes. However, it brightens or lightens areas with dissimilar colors so that your foundation and face powder can blend in flawlessly when applied.

On the other hand, a concealer is used to hide or coverup wrinkles, acne, dark spots, and dark circles on the face. Concealer is usually 1-2 shades lighter than your skin. Also, it comes in light, medium, and dark shades. And it does not add color.

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